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10 Reasons to Study at NIC

As a full-service independent high school in Canada, Newton International College is conveniently located in downtown Toronto with an easy access to all public transportation system, historic heritages, landmarks, lakeside etc.

By enjoying the quiet learning environment as well as providing advanced online and offline learning apps, students can indulge themselves in classic movies and books in the library and auditorium; they can also snack on delicious food in the second-floor cafeteria; during the summer time, they can even get an overview of downtown Toronto from the campus’s patio.

NIC has Ryerson University and Toronto Commercial Center – Yonge-Dundas as its neighborhood. Therefore, ranging from academic atmosphere, exclusive shops to ethnic markets, NIC has the most advantages in catering to the student’s learning and living experience. Students who are interested in the art gallery cannot be more satisfied after the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) tour while those sports fans can also indulge with the world level competitions such as NBA, MLB, NHL and CFL. They can visit Toronto’s famous CN Tower and explore all the city’s multicultural activities.

We take pride in the fact that over that past few years we have successfully helped many NIC graduates gain admittance with scholarships to prestigious universities and allowing them to achieve a fantastic Canadian educational experience.