Pre-University Program

PUP is designed for both International and local students who want to get rid of or lower the IELTS demand for entering into certain university’s programs.Under this program, students will keep learning the high school courses to gain the credits for Ontario Secondary School Diploma and can improve their learning ability in a short time. Graduates are able to choose any colleges or universities freely afterwards.

Program specialty:

  • Students can get a solid knowledge in the subjects such as Maths, Physics, Biology, English and Chemistry to be fully prepared before they begin their university life.
  • 24/7 communication with our professional instructors and bilingual teaching assistants provides students with extra help to sweep away difficulties from their study and life.
  • Take care of the students all the time from the first day they are registered and provide all academic and life support.
  • Give students positive psychological advicein time to suit their needs.

Program tuition: $16, 000/year

Plus Mandatory Health Insurance and Activities Membership Fees

Admission Requirements :

  1. Pass the interview and the English replacement test.
  2. Cooperate with the instructors in course selection and study.