Currently, NIC provide a number of programs indicated below, to meet all levels ofstudent needs, aiming to ensure our students fully prepared for secondary studies at most prominent universities and colleges in Canada.

  • Pre-University Program
  • Advanced Program
  • Express Program
  • University High GPA Credit Courses



We devote ourselves toprovide our studentsgreat opportunities to participate in all kinds of social community activities to accumulate valuable social experience before their higher academic journey in Universities begins. NIC also equips students with enriching internship and volunteer trip so they can be more successful in their future professions.


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About Us

Newton International College (NIC), located in downtown Toronto, has always been known as one of the most remarkable private high schools in Canada for its excellent education quality, outstanding students, extra curriculum and stable co-operations with universities, colleges and other educational associations.

Registered in 2002 with credentials (BSID 667910) issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education, NIC has successfully helped students to achieve their dreams to enter into famous university.

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