Express Program (UCTP)

The Express program prepares international students to meet the requirements necessary to enter Canadian universities. Students in this program will keep learning the high school courses to gain the credits for Ontario Secondary School Diploma and also take pre-university courses that are necessary for entrance for the student’s particular program of interest at the university. NIC offers the intensive language training with the duration of 3-4 months.

Program specialty:

  • Students can start their university learning right after they pass the UCTP language training without submitting further IELTS result.
  • NIC provides a mutually supportive and stimulating English language learning environment for students .
  • Students can get a solid knowledge in the subjects such as Maths, Physics, Biology, English and Chemistry to be fully prepared before they begin with their university life.
  • 24/7 communication with our professional instructors and bilingual teaching assistants provides students with extra help to sweep away difficulties from study and life.
  • Take care of the students all the time from the first day they are registered and provide all academic and life support.
  • Give students positive psychological advicein time to suit their needs.
  • 100% guarantee student’s admission to our cooperative UCTP universities.


Program tuition: $16, 000/year

Plus Mandatory Health Insurance and Activities Membership Fees


UCTP language training fee: $4480/12 weeks  or $5930/16weeks

Admission Requirements :

  1. Pass interview and the English replacement test
  2. Cooperate with the instructors in course selection and study.
  3. IELTS 5.0+ or TOEFL IBT 60+