Art Express Program

This program is oriented to students who have special talents in art field.

This program is oriented to promote self- discipline and is geared to students who have a higher motivation in studying. Students can see obvious progress after the VIP intensive training.

Program specialty:

  • Students can get a solid knowledge in the subjects such as Maths, Physics, Biology, English and Chemistry to be fully prepared before they begin with their university life.
  • 24/7 communication with our professional instructors and bilingual teaching assistants provides students with extra help to sweep away difficulties from study and life.
  • 100 hours intensive trainingin enhancing student’s talents.
  • 30hours free service in application material preparation.
  • Profound interaction with professors and successful students from well-known universities.
  • 100% guarantee student’s admission to their designed top-level art universities.
  • Take care of the students all the time from the first day they are registered and provide all academic and life support.
  • Help students to establish a solid social network among honored graduates from universities.

Program tuition: $26, 000/year

Plus Mandatory Health Insurance and Activities Membership Fees


Admission Requirements :

  1. Pass the interview and the English replacement test.
  2. Cooperate with the instructors in course selection and study.

A case in point in top-level art universities:

University GPA requirements Portfolio Requirements
OCAD (design) 80+ Portfolio, art works
Sheridan (media) 75+ Multimedia, design and etc.
Queen University ( music) 80+ Piano playing etc. with interview